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Call for Papers

Students are encouraged to submit a 1-4 page research summary on any of the following topics: research results, internship projects, senior design projects, or anything else you might think of interest to fellow students. We would like to highlight the 'policy' special track and greatly encourage studentst to apply. *Note that your summary will not be published as an official ANS transaction.

Click here to download the Call for Papers.


Summaries will follow the format for typical ANS transactions (found here). Please use either one of the following templates to begin:

  • Microsoft Word, download template by clicking here
  • LaTex, download by clicking here


Summaries will be submitted online through the ANS national EPSR system (see here) for examples. This will become available by November 1st.

Summaries may either be submitted for poster or podium presentations. Both submissions will follow the same timeline. Submitting a summary for one of these presentations does not also include you into the innovation competition

Paper Reviews

After papers are submitted each will be reviewed and authors will recieve feedback on his or her paper. After authors will be presented with one of the following options:

  • Accept with no revision needed (uncommon).
  • Revise and resubmit (most common). Consider what the reviewer has to say and make changes accordingly
  • Reject (very uncommon). This may only occur if there is clear plagraism or the paper has zero relevance to the conference (e.g. a review of 19th century French poetry)

Innovation Competition

Click here to download the Call for Papers.

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